Clear Creek County, Colorado Traffic Ticket Courts


Clear Creek County Court

Page:  Clear Creek County Court
Phone:  (303) 679-4220

Georgetown District Court

Page:  Georgetown District Court
Phone:  (303) 679-4220

Georgetown Municipal Court

Page:  Georgetown Municipal Court
Phone:  (303) 569-2555

Idaho Springs Municipal Court

Page:  Idaho Springs Municipal Court
Phone:  (303) 567-4421 Articles

Texting While Driving Tickets are now 5 Points in New York by seth

Effective June 1, 2013, a conviction for cell phone use while driving will increase to 5 points from 3 points.

NY DMV Approved Courses to Reduce Points and Insurance Premiums by visitor

Courses that will take 4 points off your driving record and 10% off your insurance premiums.

The Amount of Fines for Speeding Convictions in New York State by visitor

Breakdown of the fines for speeding convictions in NY


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